Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm over it now - Australia lost the ashes

I don't really follow the criket and didn't ever get past being a very poor wicket keeper. However, when I was in london last it was hard not to get into it. However, the first time I followed the Ashes it did not work out so well for the Australia - sorry to all for that.
It was a really good series to follow and seemed to really push the game's following along in the UK so it is probably all for the best. Well done England!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Spoke at the recent selectmen meeting

I spoke at the last selectmen meeting for our town. It was a real treat – being able to stand up and have my own say on local issues. I am really impressed with local town government in the north east. It really seems like ordinary citizens can make a difference for the better.

The topic of the speech was to ask for a letter objecting to certain pending bills before the federal government. The laws are very complex but have the effect of taking away local control of local TV and preventing towns like mine from negotiating with new cable TV providers. It also threatens the funds currently being paid to support local TV stations all over the country.

The speech went well and the letter is getting written. I hope this will help stop these provisions getting in the final bill – it would be very sad if the future of PEG is ended after we put a lot of effort getting Concord TV up and running. See:

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