Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Double the Difference minus labor cost

We just booked a hotel in Miami through Hotwire for $209 per night.

However, once we found out who the booking was through, we decided to double check the price. As it turned out, booking directly through the hotel, was cheaper:

So, after researching their "double the difference" guarantee, we filled out their form to a link with the booking.
The next day, we got an email back rejecting the claim because it was an employee price.

Am I too cynical, do I think Hotwire is just trying fob us off hoping we will give up and not bother with the claim? After a quick google search for "hotwire double rate guarantee", the 4th link seems to indicate this is not the case:
Hotel "Best rate guarantee" programs, My experiences..... (2nd comment)

Time will tell - is this going to be another small claims experience?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Added The New Friend Connect Bar

I just added the friend connect bar down the bottom of my blog! Enjoy all the social network goodness that it displays!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pubget made the MIT library cool list

Courtney Crummett has recently added Pubget to the MIT library libguide's cool tool section.

The libguides are a way that MIT librarians can provide resource links and tips to help students and faculty get the most out of the MIT library.

As mit.pubget.com links directly into the MIT Library holdings, it can help users get right to the PDF full text from a PubMed/Medline search.


Harvard Catalist Profiles

I just found a new project at Harvard based on the Catalyst CTSA grant. It is a social network for researchers.

If you look at Dr. Ramy Arnaout's Profile, you can see the similar people as well as a place for him to maintain his publications.

In IBM we had a similar system called Blue Pages and this looks very similar for the research space instead of the enterprise.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Not to die thanks!

An American was knocked unconscious in a serious accident while traveling in Australia. The ambulance took him to a local hospital for treatment.

While he finally woke up he asked the nurse, "Was I brought here to die?"

"No," said the nurse. "You were brought in here yesterday."