Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To MacBook Pro or not?

Two people I trust have just taken the dive into the MacBook Pro world. Sami Shalabi and Will Raabe. They have both promised updates on their thoughts and how much they use them. Will tends to love his toys and will test out all the latest gadets I am sure. Sami is more the hard core coder and if Sami likes it, I know it will be a very good development machine (fast compiles and eclipse j2ee friendly).
If both of these people still love it in a month, then it will be almost impossible for me to resist ditching my 2 month old Dell and getting one.

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Will Raabe said...

I have had my MBP for about 3 weeks now. I am very pleased with it. Since it is a mac, the engineering and design on it is spectacular. I run OS X on it all day in the office (@ IBM) and I have no problems. It sleeps and wakes up far more reliabily than my old Thinkpad used to. I ditched the old monitor on my desk and just use the MBP on a iCurve stand with an Apple BT keyboard along with a Logitech 2-button mouse. Notes & beta Sametime 7.5 run without a problem.

I also installed Apple Boot Camp on it. That works fine too. It is kind of a shame to see Windows running on the Mac hardware but in this day & age, you have no choice. There are plenty of apps out there that only run on Windows including VPN clients, my GPS firmware software and a few other apps. Having Boot Camp let's me boot into Windows for the times that I need to run those programs.

In my opinion, there is no reason not to buy a Mac now. You get all of the goodness of a Mac (ease of use, virus protection & elegance) while still being able to be a Windows user when needed.