Saturday, February 10, 2007

I just watched the secret

I just watched the secret today. It is a motivational movie that talks about positive thinking. I was really into motivational tapes/books and talks when I was in high school and early university. After that, I focused more on technology and computers than my personal mental state.
I like the idea that positive thinking can bring you anything you want but I tend to be more pessimistic these days. Having said that, I do believe that you can achieve more with positive thinking than you can with negative thinking - so I am happy that I watched the movie and I am going to be a little more positive in my day to day life.
So in that light, I wanted to list some of the items I am grateful for:
* my loving wife;
* good health;
* close friends and family;
* successful internet business;
* experience and friends at IBM/IRIS;
* ability to travel;
* cognitive skills; and
* the Irish (what's not to love about the Irish)

This list is far from inclusive - but it certainly covers the major topics.
Part of the positive thinking aspect is to also be grateful for what is going to happen in the future and believe it will happen. For me this would include:
* the above list 100 times over;
* brilliant solution to global warming
* peace through humanity towards others
* faster than light speed engines to travel to other worlds
* teleportation
* dramatic improvements in medicines that allows anyone to live as long as they like (this is a good one for all the agnostics)

Enjoy! .. and now back to the technology and computers :)

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