Sunday, April 08, 2007

Change custom field names in QuickPlace

If you have a custom form in quickplace and then change a field name, it will not go through and update all the pages that have been created by this form.
So, for instance, if you create a form that has a field called "categories" and want to change it to "category", here is an agent that will loop through all the documents in this room and all its inner rooms using recursion.

'category correction:

Option Public
Option Declare

Dim server As String
Dim placename As String
Dim s As notessession
Sub fixcategory(roompath)
Dim roomdb As NotesDatabase
Dim roomview As notesview

Set roomdb = s.GetDatabase(server, roompath)
If roomdb.IsOpen = False Then
Call roomdb.Open(server, roompath)
End If

Dim roomindex As notesview
Set roomindex = roomdb.GetView("System\Index")
Dim page As notesdocument

Set page = roomindex.GetFirstDocument

While Not(page Is Nothing)
'Work through all documents
page.c_category = page.GetItemValue("c_categories")

Call page.Save(True,False)
Set page = roomindex.GetNextDocument(page)

Set roomview = roomdb.GetView("System\Subrooms")
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Set doc = roomview.GetFirstDocument
While Not (doc Is Nothing)
Dim iroomtitle As String
Dim iroomfile As String

iroomtitle = doc.GetItemValue("h_Name")(0)
iroomfile = doc.GetItemValue("h_LocDbName")(0)

Print "Working on: " + iroomfile
Call fixcategory("quickplace/"+placename+"/" + iroomfile)

Set doc = roomview.GetNextDocument(doc)
End Sub
Sub Initialize
Set s = New notessession
placename = "test_place" 'Your place name
server = "www/projectlounge" 'Your server name

Print "Starting in a room"
'you can change this to main.nsf if you need
Call fixcategory("quickplace/"+placename+"/PageLibrary85257279005D300B.nsf")
End Sub

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