Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amazon S3 down again

Here is the thread on their forum:

It is making some of my sites look bad as I chose to put all the css and images on S3 so they would be severed up in a distributed fast manner. However, that speed is not being appreciated right now as it is not working.

My task this week will be to design a backup plan or move the css and images.

UPDATE: I have a backup plan now - which is nice. Amazon is also back up after 7 hours of downtime so I have turned off the backup service. One positive thing is that I now have a backup plan that can be turned in within minutes.


rachel.brown said...

For full disclosure, I am with Nirvanix. This is no place for an ad, but we know you will be pleased with our Storage Delivery Network. To make the process of file and folder migration easier, we have made a software tool you may download here:

ian connor said...

You are possible right. However, I am still impressed with Amazon and although they have had 7 hours downtime. Overall, they have been very good. My backup plan is to maintain a local copy of all the files (which I have anyway) and serve them up via apache (which is a one line config change for rails). It is not as fast at Amazon but it is a good enough solution for now.