Thursday, February 14, 2013

Technology while skiing

Top speed skiers can reach 200km/h regularly. However, after just reaching 91km/h it seemed fast enough for me. This was done on a freshly groomed double blue run. There is a groomed black run here, but the end of it merges with another run and levels off quickly (which makes me worry that the G force will push me too far into my skis and pop my bindings (aka loose a ski or two and thus be falling down the hill out of control).

However, it has been a good place to play with technology. Here is a quick summary of some of the electronic toys I have experimented with in Telluride, CO this season.

The above app tracks your motion, and records your speed, altitude and even factors in ski lifts. It will take photos but the last think you want to do is take out your smart phone on a cold windy or snowy day. I have a Contour HD external camera for that.

I also just played with the Recon HUD system. It gave me eye strain but the heads up display was neat. Unfortunately it only would pair with an iPhone 4S (not my 4) so I was not able to test out the smart phone integration. Because of this, and the fact that the ski tracks app in my iphone already tracked my runs, and that it would not fit right into my goggles - I ended up returning it.

I do have speakers in my helmet with a built in microphone. It is great for listening to music or an audio book - but with poor mountain reception and wind noise you can't have any serious phone calls.

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