Thursday, December 27, 2007

bellasante of boston

I tried to make a booking for my wife and a friend's wife yesterday for a spa treatment. So, I called the concierge to book it in for friday afternoon. The problem was they seemed very busy and I didn't know what to order or which location would be best. I didn't mind either Lexington or Wellesley but the concierge seemed in a rush so made me pick one right away. Then I was told after picking Wellesley there was nothing on the day I wanted.
I really felt like they were too busy to deal with me and decided the best way was to get off the phone as quickly as possible and try again with another concierge or spa. After replying to a few "contact us" forms for a site I am working on, I thought I should at least let them know the feedback to see if indeed they are too busy or if it was just a bad time and I got the wrong concierge. In any case, I filled out their web form only to find it was a "post" action to "#" and didn't actually go anywhere.
They seem to have a lot of "best of boston" awards so the spa part might be nice - it just seems that half the challenge is to get to that part.


Melissa Chang said...

hi Ian,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Looks like they might have fixed your problem - I just tried and it seemed to be working again? Good luck! - Melissa Chang

ian connor said...

I ended up sending them a fax but have not seen anything back from them as yet.